Foor Plans

Tembusu Grand Residences Floor Plans

Indulge the fullest potential of life at Jalan Tembusu Residences, where everyday living is characterised by luxury and delightful encounters.

Unit Layout

Tembusu Grand Residences is composed of high-rise condominiums, and apartments that will be interconnected by podium gardens and plazas at different levels.

The different unit type available in Tembusu Grand Residences It is suitable for single occupants or couples who are looking for a cozy and intimate home. For the three-bedroom unit tt is perfect for families who need extra space.

To meet their quality of life and recreational requirements, Tembusu Grand Residences floor plan has a mix of modern amenities that are carefully designed to improve their experience.

Features include:

1) Elevated living spaces – Residents can enjoy natural sunlight and views from their homes day or night, while private terraces offer plenty of space to relax or entertain guests.

2) Contextual public realm – Living areas are integrated seamlessly into common open spaces, which provide a sense of community and social activity.

3) Lively streetscape – The pedestrian-friendly streets will be lined with lush landscaping and street furniture that provides shade and comfort on hot days.

4) Comprehensive facilities – Residents will have easy access to all the amenities they need, from shops and restaurants to fitness centers and spas.

Tembusu Grand Residences Unit Type

Unit DescriptionTypeNo. of
Strata Area
(sq m)
Strata Area
(sq ft)
Total Number of UnitsTBA